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Participate in the Factories of the Future Survey

Posted By David Brousell, October 21, 2014 at 3:49 PM, in Category:

The pace of business is speeding up, and the rate of technological change is so great that many companies have a hard time keeping up. Planning becomes more difficult in such an environment, which is why manufacturers need as much data as they can get now to plan for the future.

Identifying insights into how factories and plants will be organized, managed, and empowered by advanced technologies is the purpose of the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s new Factories of the Future survey. After the survey work is completed and the results analyzed, survey participants will receive a report on the study’s findings that will provide insights into how manufacturers are thinking about their future plants and factories.

Survey questions will provide information on current and future production models, hurdles to building future factories and plants, how manufacturing executives expect to measure future factory performance and success, and how they expect to use advanced technologies in their next-generation facilities.

To access the survey, click here  http://na2.se.voxco.com/se/?st=BP7v4TGKhzBol1Qr1BjwVvnJJDH7b1Q+ASdi0pQEvlM=

Written by David Brousell

Global Vice President, General Manager and Editorial Director of the Manufacturing Leadership Council


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