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Identifying Growth Opportunities using Market Intelligence - London: Using market information to inform your strategic decision making


Price: £1,095 (First Delegate Rate) £985 (Additional Delegate Rate)

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Are you looking to understand your customers better and identify new market opportunities? How do you know what data you need to collect and where do you source it from? Would you like to learn how to use market data to make recommendations and justify business decisions?

In our two-day intensive workshop we provide a unique opportunity for managers to learn how to squeeze every particle of useful information from their market intelligence investments through robust, industry standard analysis tools and models. This workshop will provide you with a practical overview of collecting, selecting, analysing and presenting market data for strategic decision-making, giving you the confidence, knowledge and tools you need to make the best possible use of your market information.

This workshop incorporates up to date “live” examples of our market expertise from the various industries we operate in (such as healthcare, IT, Telecoms, Manufacturing and others).   A senior Frost and Sullivan research analyst will demonstrate the application of analytical tools and techniques in a recent client project.

Workshop Objectives

  • Gain a critical understanding of the sources and strategic applications of market data
  • Be able to assess the quality of your company’s market research and competitive intelligence as an input to strategic decisions
  • Identify residual gaps in the information you currently have
  • Confidently construct a market research brief and select the most appropriate research solution for a particular project. 
  • Understand the importance of selecting reliable and robust data and the dangers of using the wrong information
  • Be able to use a series of modern analytical tools to extract actionable market knowledge
  • Be able to confidently  select, package and present analyses, conclusions and recommendations to colleagues, senior business leaders and decision-makers

Whom will the Workshop benefit?

This workshop is targeted at individuals within B2B organisations who source, commission and analyse market information. It also focuses on providing individual with the necessary skills to package and present research findings and conclusions to strategic decision-makers.  Although the workshop does not assume any particular previous knowledge, it will be particularly useful to managers and executives in a strategic or operational sales or marketing role.  Typical delegates will have 2-3 years business experience and have responsibilities for interpreting market data and intelligence in a competitive context.


Harry MacDivitt

Harry has worked in a number of well-known international companies including 3M, Pilkington and Schlumberger. At Pilkington he introduced medical laser technology and established and developed an international team of distributors to market the products. At Schlumberger he developed and implemented the business development strategy and plan for an international electronic controls division.

He possesses extensive experience of new product identification, sales and marketing management, general management, consultancy and training in a number of sectors including electronics, energy, electro-optics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and economic development sectors.

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