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ZONARE Technology Innovation Award

Conventional diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems depend on custom-designed beamforming architectures. The development time for such high-end imaging systems is extensive and the systems are too expensive to manufacture and purchase. Additionally, the systems that deliver high quality images are large, heavy, consume enormous amounts of electrical power, and have associated logistical problems in the clinical environment.

ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc. headquartered in California, designs and develops high-end compact ultrasound solutions fueled by their innovative proprietary Zone Sonography Technology (ZST). The Zone technology is a novel approach to echo data acquisition and image formation capabilities.

Traditional ultrasound imaging is a mature technology with little room for advancement. ZST can be applied to any back scatter array based modality allowing for the opportunity to advance the basic modes of imaging such as B-Mode, CD-Mode, PW-Mode, M-Mode, THI, Contrast, etc.

ZST has enhanced image quality and some of the image quality improvements include: focused image across the full field of view with no need for transmit focal zone control, faster acoustic acquisition with enhanced temporal accuracy, patient specific imaging which compensates for physiological sound speed variations in patients.

In comparison with competitor technology, ZST has an innovative approach for acquisition of acoustic signal and image formation. ZST acquires the ultrasound data set up to almost ten times faster than conventional systems, using only a small fraction of the relatively large beam zones. This approach delivers clinical benefits with enhanced clinical capabilities. 

Frost & Sullivan is proud to present the 2011 NA Technology Innovation of the Year Award in Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging to Zonare Medical Systems, Inc.

Congratulations on receiving the award.